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Om mig - About me My name is Helena, but my nickname is Leni. I live in a detached house in the countryside 25 km north of Uppsala, Sweden. At home with me I have Hellas Kind Of Blue "Bella", Hellas Jewel "Julia", Hellas Amethyst "Aimee".
Hellas Agate "Greta" and Hellas Exclusive "Elsa" are living with families in Uppsala on breeding terms, a common way in Sweden to be able to keep more dogs for breeding as all dogs here live indoors as family members.
I started out with Border Terriers in 1982, and in the blurry picture you see me with my first dog Axbor Aquarius. He never had any offspring of his own, but his sister Axbor Andromeda is still in the pedigrees of my present dogs. My mentors in the breed while growing up where Ulla & Håkan Axén and the late Julia Geijer ( kennel Axbor & Juniper). My affix is Hellas, and I had my first own litter in 2004. My goal is to breed Border Terriers true to type and correct in size, with excellent temperaments and health.

Om rasen - About the breed What to read and answering the most common questions.

Mina hundar - My dogs
"Stamtavla" is the pedigree.
"Föräldrar" the Sire and Dam.
"Avkommor" is the offspring

Tidigare avelshundar My retired dogs, now living with friends of mine.
Hellas Heaven-Sent (Hertha)
Hellas Delicate (Disa)
Hellas Debutante (Debbie)
En’Båårdiz Klara Färdiga Gå (Klara)

In Memorian The dogs I've loved and lost.
Axbor Kruses Fredag
Hellas Heart Of Mine
Axbor Hoppetossas Beatrice
Axbor Horatio
Brackenhills Walker(Åke)
Winhazel Morning Dew (Windy)

Valpar - Puppies After decades as a "kennel-girl" to the Juniper and Axbor kennels I finally had my first litter in 2004. From the puppie-page You can also reach the pages for my earlier litters and my planned litters.

Nyheter The latest news on the homepage and in our lifes. I write the news in English too (sometimes!).

Länkar - Links

English summary. You’re reading it!;-) Please contact me about what information that’s interesting for you to have translated!

Contact: leni@kennelhellas.com